Comrades Update

Comrades: 1. Eddie Farmer 2. Danny Power 3. Lewis Rodrigoe 4. Jim Carmichael 5. Simon Carmichael 6. Steve Hawes 7. Colin Wilson 8. Anthony Page 9. James Armstrong 10. Lawrence Bunker 11. Aaron Usmani
Subs: 12. Mark Welling 14. Josh Chamberlain 15. Jordan Toomey 16. Lee Groves 17. Steve Boad

1458:We’re away here at Broadwater in blazing sunshine. Great start by Berko.

1501: Comrades pressure allows Page to fire a powerful shot just wide.

1505: Berko earn a corner, and after some nice possession, Armstrong gets into space but clips an ambitious shot wide.

1510: The Comrades are awarded a free-kick outside the box, but Bunker’s effort is high and handsome.

1513: Another decent opportunity falls to Berko as Armstrong sets Bunker up, but the ball sticks under his feet.

1516: Another Page blockbuster earns Berko a corner but once again those shooting boots desert the strikers.

1519: But we don’t have to wait long as a Rodrigoe centre is hammered home by Lawrence Bunker.

1526: A double let-off as St Albans spurn two good chances.

1527: And Berko respond with a route one goal, Usmani flicking on for Armstrong to chase and lob home. 2-0

1536: Almost a third there as the ball is flicked towards goal by Armstrong from a Bunker touch.


1541: The weather is energy sapping here, but it is still an entertaining half.

Half-time: 2-0

1600: We’re away once again and there’s an early effort from Usmani.

1616: It’s been a bit quiet but Berko take a three-goal lead after superb work Usmani gives Armstrong a tap-in. 3-0

1617: Armstrong is replaced by Josh Chamberlain.

1620: Danny Power is cautioned for dissent.

1621: St Albans number 10 should head home, but instead nods wide.

1622: And now Power compounds his error with a rash tackle and sees red.

1627: Usmani is right back on form and almost nets with two clever efforts.

1627: Berko introduce fresh legs as Mark Welling and Jordan Toomey replace Lawrence Bunker and Colin Wilson.

1640: St Albans press a little towards the end, and have a goal disallowed.

1643: Aaron Usmani has had a fantastic game and almost crowned it with a trademark run and lob, but the crossbar thwarted him.

Full-time: 3-0



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