Comrades Update

Comrades: 1. Eddie Farmer 2. Danny Power 3. Lewis Rodrigoe 4. Jim Carmichael 5. Simon Carmichael 6. Anthony Page 7. Matt Wardle 8. Steve Hawes 9. Aaron Usmani 10. Tony Burnett 11. Dan Wright
Subs: 12. James Armstrong 14. Lawrence Bunker 15. Adam Mead 16. Colin Wilson 17. Chris Colman

Lions: 1. Matt Davis 2. Danny Berg 3. Adam Myeroff 4. Sam Scoma 5. Guy Morris 6. Kyle Bentwood 7. Andy Glynne 8. David Soutar 9. Adam Stolerman 10. Daniel Stanton 11. Ben Ellis
Subs: 12. Charlie Cohen 14. Tony Gold 15. Darren Yarlett

1950: Early chances for Berko, Aaron Usmani glancing just wide, and then seeing himself pulled up for offside.

1956: A great run and cross from Tony Burnett is well collected, but the main talking point is that Lions are playing in the old Oldham Athletic away strip of lurid green and black, very close to Berko’s yellow and blue.

1958: Eddie Farmer makes a great save at the foot of the post.

2002: The Comrades have looked dangerous from high balls played across the box.

2003: Lewis Rodrigoe hammers in a long-range effort.

2008: Another shot from distance goes close, Anthony Page firing in a daisy-cutter past the post.

2012: Tony Burnett darts off on an excellent run to the by-line, but his cut back is just too strong for Matt Wardle to control.

2017: Matty Wardle holds the ball up on the right flank, allowing Power to race through and deliver a superb cross which just beats the head of Usmani, and the ball then finds it’s way back to Power who blasts over.

2023: The London Lions manager is sent to the stand, presumably for something said to the Assistant.

2024: A close call for Lions as a tame effort from Power is spilled, but no-one can react quickly enough.

2028: A Danny Power throw causes problems in the Lions’ penalty area.

2030: Burnett inspires another opportunity, but Usmani is squeezed out of possession.

2031: Kyle Bentwood is booked for holding Tony Burnett as he looked to break. From the free-kick, Wardle found himself in space but couldn’t get the ball out from underneath him.

Half-time: 0-0

Full-time: 1-0

Problems with WordPress meant I couldn’t update last night.

The second half was a tight and nervous affair, London Lions stifling the Comrades for long spells, and looking good on the ball, thought they failed to test Eddie Farmer.

It looked like Berko might be frustrated but the late introduction of James Armstrong bore fruit when he drilled a low shot into the far corner.


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