Comrades Update

Comrades : 1. Eddie Farmer 2. Danny Power 3. Lewis Rodrigoe 4. Jim Carmichael 5. Colin Wilson 6. Anthony Page 7. Matt Wardle 8. Steve Hawes 9. Chris Colman 10. Lawrence Bunker 11. Dan Wright
Subs: 12. Aaron Usmani 14. Josh Chamberlain 15. Adam Mead 16. Mark Welling

Bedford Town : 1. Adam Lawrence 2. Phil Cooper 3. Sean Buxton 4. Tom Hole 5. Anthony Richens 6. Dan Chambers 7. Matt Kimami 8. Kieran Chouhan 9. Stacey Field 10. Manny Richardson 11. Ishmael George
Subs: 12. Jordan Batchelor 14. Kyle Andrews 15. Ries Ashraff 16. Nathan Aulsberry 17. Dan Gaskin

1500: And we’re off here at Bedford, Berko playing in the old Town colours of black and white in bright sunshine.

1509: Almost ten minutes in and Berko have made a decent start.

1511: First half chance as Matty Wardle pokes over from the home keeper dropping the ball.

1514: Great chance for Berko as a Wardle corner clears the defence and keeper to find Anthony Page, but his powerful header clears the bar.

1521: A Bedford free-kick is only half stopped and Page is quick to clear the loose ball.

1524: Another Wardle corner causes confusion as the ball bounces around before ending safely in the keeper’s hands.

1530: The Comrades make the breakthrough as a Danny Power cross is directed into the top corner by the head of Anthony Page. 1-0

1536: The Eagles level after Berko stand off deep in their own half and a low cross from Matt Kimami is side-footed into an empty net by Manny Richardson. 1-1

1540: Quick thinking from a corner allows Lewis Rodrigoe to float in a great cross which is only inches from the head of Lawrence Bunker.

1544: Steve Hawes receives a lecture after a late challenge.

Half-time: 1-1

1603: Early half chance for Berko from a free-kick, Page’s header being collected.

1613: Matty Wardle makes a decent run, but his heavy final touch sees the final effort sail over.

1614: Town burst down the other end where Power is booked for a strong challenge, and Richardson’s free-kick goes wide.

1619: Anthony Richens joins Power in the referees book for dissent.

1622: A Danny Power run is stopped illegally by Richens, and Lawrence Bunker fires the dead ball into the top corner. 2-1

1624: Almost disaster for Berko as Stacey Field drives on goal, and his shot is deflected onto the post.

1627: Bunker is replaced by Aaron Usmani for the Comrades.

1632: Berko almost grab a spectacular third goal as Power chases a lost ball, delivers a fine first time cross which Wardle attempts to clip home.

1634: The head of Anthony Page is again a potent weapon for Berko from a Power free-kick.

1635: Steve Hawes is cautioned for stopping play in midfield.

1641: Inside the last ten minutes, and the Comrades will need to play to the end against a good Bedford side.

1648: Having just been booked, Manny Richardson makes a rash challenge on Power and compounds this by haranguing the assistant and sees red.

1650: A great opportunity for Berko is lost as Colman and Wardle combine.

Full-time: 2-1


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