Comrades Update

Comrades: 1. Eddie Farmer 2. Jamie Gavin 3. Lewis Rodrigoe
4. Jim Carmichael 5. Si Carmichael 6. Mark Welling 7. Matt Wardle
8. Lee Groves 9. James Armstrong 10. Tony Burnett 11. Aaron Usmani
1507 – Brilliant work from Matt Wardle sees a dangerous ball spin
across the ‘Fosters six yard box. 1508 – Cockfosters spurn a great
chance to open the scoring as Jamie Gavin makes a great stop. 1514
– Good shout for a pen waved away. 1520 – Another good chance for
Berko, Lee Groves gets a low shot in which is well saved. 1522 –
The Comrades are pressing now. 1526 – Disaster for Berko as
Cockfosters take lead with a crisp finish. 0-1 1534 – The bounce is
well read by Tony Burnett, who unleashes a fierce shot into the
net. 1-1 1536 – And it gets better as Lee Groves is felled in the
area and Jimmy Armstrong despatches the penalty. 2-1 1539 – Jim
Carmichael gets a caution for a foul as ‘Fosters break. Half-time:
2-1 1605 – We’re into the second period now and it’s even between
the teams in terms of possession and territory. 1614 – Berko are
pressing but that third goal would settle the nerves. 1616 – Josh
Chamberlain replaces the hard working Lee Groves for Berko. 1617 –
And the lights on the clubhouse side go out! Let’s hope we don’t
have another abandonment! 1641 – The lights are back on and we’re
set to restart. Well done to the groundstaff for getting us going
again. 1647 – The game restarts with light snow falling! There are
approximately twenty minutes left to play. 1651 – Cockfosters are
still in this game, and the Comrades need to focus to win this one.
1655 – Decent opportunity for Berko s Aaron Usmani heads a corner
in. 1657 – A let off as a defensive clearance ricocheted kindly for
Cockfosters, but the final effort is wide. 1659 – A great first
time ball sets Tony Burnett away and his half-volley fizzes just
wide. 1703 – Lovely work by Armstrong sets Josh Chamberlain away
down the left, and his cross is met by Matty Wardle who drives
wide. 1700 – Cockfosters continue to press as Chris Gregory comes
on for Tony Burnett. 1716 – Still playing at Broadwater as Antony
Beamish replaces Mark Welling, assisted from the field by

1723 – It’s all over and the Comrades have collected a hard earned three points against a determined Cockfosters side.

Final score – 2-1


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