New league website launched

We hope everyone is having a great Christmas break.

Whilst the rest of us have been filling up on turkey and chocolate and asking Santa for three points against Bucks Students’ Union on Monday, the people behind the website for the Spartan South Midlands League have created a new site at

Produced by Mitoo and Goalrun, the site contains more information than its predecessor. Every club has its own page, which can be accessed either via the league table or by the club list for a particular division.

The Comrades new page can be found here. You can see it is already being automatically updated with news from our site. Fans have already started registering and we hope to share video and photos from with the site soon.

Why not show your support for the club by registering?

Remember that will continue to provide your first port of call for news from Broadwater so keep checking back regularly to stay in touch.


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